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New date to be announced!   -   Lisbon, Portugal

POWER BI PORTUGAL DAY will focus on the most emerging and leading edge technology in Data, Analytics, and Data Science, bringing together tech companies, leading enterprises, technical leaders, and the most brightest brains from all over the World! Join us for inspirational perspectives, insightful real life examples and deep technical talks, on the challenges, opportunities and how the latest advances Data and Artificial Intelligence are changing our society. 


Enterprise, Startups, Analysts, Developers and famous Power BI Experts will all gather in the inspiring city of Lisbon for a smashing day of learning, sharing and networking, all around Analytics and Power BI

Democratizing Analytics with Power BI 

Leveraging full Power BI capabilities, and how they are currently being used across industries to help drive business transformation with data!

Power BI and Artificial Intelligence

AutoML is now integrated on Power BI. How does it extend the possibilities within Power BI? How to use R, Python or NLP?  And where are we heading on?

Data Visualization and Storytelling

Data Visualization and Storytelling can make an huge impact on your analysis. Uncover Power Bi custom visuals, bookmarks, themes and many others!

Big Data, from Preparation to Analytics, in scale 

Venture-backed artificial intelligence companies have secure more than $.19 billion in the first quarter of 2018. Meet some of them!

Power BI Customer Stories Showcase

Real life stories that illustrate how Power BI and machine learning are being used across industries to help drive digital transformation.

Deep Technical Talks with Power BI Experts

Go deep with our brightest and most influential keynote speakers on Power BI, ranging from DAX, big data, machine learning, among many other topics!

Embedded Analytics and Real Time Analysis

Power your Business applications with embedded analytics or near real time analytics? How to integrate Power BI in Power Apps?

Thre role of Analytics in the future CEOs

Why are Data Analysts, Data Engineers and CDOs increasinlgy taking on leadership roles? What is their influence on business strategies?

Data Governance, Security and Compliance

Different regaulatiosn have been put in place to regulate the use of data. What's the result? How is is being adopted by enterprises?


Reitoria Universidade Nova Lisboa
Campus de Campolide
1099-085 Lisboa 


Phone: +351 92 54 04 542